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No lol. I wonder what that feels like.

Have you ever fantasized about your teacher?
Hmm... maybe? I could try. :p

Where do you think would be a perfect vacation spot in the month of June?
When I was much much younger.. under 10 I think. I was a serial loner back then.

Have you planned on an upcoming vacation?
Wow you can eat a whole cheesecake at once? I salute you!

No, I never throw food at anyone lol. I'd rather eat it or feed someone. :p

Do you like going on a cruise?
Never - I would so definitely love to!! Now even more since you say you loved them!!

Do you think my next vacation should be on a cruise?
Yay! Let's invite anyone else willing to join us? Anyone?

Do you want to join us on a cruise? Wheeeee..

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