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Heh, nothing crazy like green. With my bushy curly hair, I'd look like a friggin' Muppet! A nice deep dark red. . .The colour is called Bourdeaux—imagine the hue of a fine French red wine. ;)

That's cool. It sounds very similar to burgundy, one of my favorite car colors.

Maybe you should post a pic, if you're feeling brave! 😄
Yeah, pretty much burgundy although it tends to look even darker on me because my natural colour is dark brown. I'll skip the photo, not feeling overly brave. :)

That sounds really nice actually, the deep dark red.

And I totally understand about the photo. I was just joking around, it was not a serious challenge :)
Rebuilt the back patio canopy out of the remnants of the old one today. It's a bit shorter, had to do some rigging with the tarps, but it'll hold for my purposes for the time being.

Also reset laundry day for my grandparents to today and reset a biweekly cleaning project to today.

And pulled trash for the A.M. since tomorrow is
silent night deadly night part 2 trash GIF

Doing just these things ate my entire day.
Worth it though.
Living with 7 other people is hard.
I'm tired now.
I went to a sculpture show. We went with some friends. Me +1 : Loneliness -1 . Here is my favourite sculpture from the show:
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I see… myself… with a burden no no a responsibility to hold the heavy rock that keeps my family whole

This is beautiful !

I spent the day volunteering as a listener and went for a drink after… job well done.
Where/how does one volunteer as a listener?

I went to here on a hike with a Meetup group. The weather was, for once, glorious.

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Theres loads of charities that offer listeners, its really rewarding I guess. I got into it though my counselling course as i have to complete 200 listening hours. My fave charities are ones that focus on the elderly like Age UK because the teen ones are often so sad where as the elderly often love to reminisce on their glory days, I love hearing tales of love, of their youth… of a time passed but not forgotten.
I burned about 1000 active calories today, in total between a run and a walk. I ran 3.3 miles, and walked 6.6, for a total of almost 10. It's not really a story, but it's a step in the right direction for my health - still 7 or so pounds over my goal, but this should put a dent in it. Man, I really feel tired.

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