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I’d give myself a solid 6 😇

In 2024 i’ll be 10 or I want my money back 😂

Would you sell your kidney for a million?
Yes, a million would give me a nice advantage, and you can do a lot with it. Not everything but a lot and more than enough....

Would you only wear ugly neon green for the rest of your life (in your whole outfit) to save a random person who you will never meet?
the triad yellow, blue, green

where were you on 9/11
I know this is out of order, but I just have to answer this one.
I was in a Microsoft DCOM training class on 52nd St in the CBS building.
The instructor announced that the towers were hit and went down.
I walked back to my office on 23rd & Park. I didn't have to, but I just felt like it was the right thing to do.
EVERYONE ELSE was going north. It was like a seen from the Exodus in 10 Commandments.
And that dust plume downtown. Like something from an apocalyptic movie. I will ever forget it.
Got back and everyone was preparing to leave. I did my checkouts on my apps (they were all still up!) and get ready to leave as well.
Most of the office had emptied by then.
There were two consultants (like me) still there, a male and a female, but they were out of towners.
Both lived in Connecticut and were not native to the NYC metro area.
The trains weren't running (which is why everyone on the street was either walking or, if lucky enough, in a car).
We went outside and tried to get a cab...yeah...not happening.
So we started walking north when I saw a guy in a work van.
I asked the other two "hey, what do you think about flagging him down and offering him $100 to take us as far as he can?".
They agreed and we did.
He was very happy to have the $100.
We sat in the back of the van on the very dirty floor. I was wearing a $500 suit.
Anyways, he got us up to 175th St. in Washington Heights when traffic stopped dead. Not moving.
I told the two consultants that we could walk to the Broadway Bridge (50 blocks - about 2.5 miles) and get over to the Bronx and see what we can do from there. They agreed and we did. Once over the bridge, I flagged down a livery cab driver (who claimed to be from Afghanistan) and paid him $60 to drive us to my town in the suburbs. The two Connecticut consultants were left off my local train station (the trains started running by then) and I got finally got home. I will never forget that day. The two consultants thanked me profusely afterwards for looking out for them. I really appreciated that.

OK now I have to ask a question.
Gin or vodka martini? (I like both)
the Greek capital letter Phi (F) surrounded by a kitty, a cheeseburger with French fries, a G-clef, a sport ball and pine branchlets as background

same q
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