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Has anyone even attempted to answer the actual question?

The only time I've had luck in the dating department is by attending or, regularly attending a social engagement. Keep in mind that, all of these social engagements I was attending, whether attendance was mandatory or not, I was not there to get a date / find some one / find true love. I was there because I had to be, or because I was motivated by the aligned interests of the event / place.

For me that was highschool, psychology related self-work groups, the work place (it was a minimum wage job and I was younger at the time), and then college, and a protest.

-Anyone can go back to college at any time and community college is relatively cheap, or even free some-times with financial aid.

-There are usually all kinds of new things to learn, such that, even if you don't meet anyone, you still learn something.
---How to garden, sew, wood-work, glass-blowing, art, metal work, you name it..
---Career building events (all kinds of careers have all kinds of, 'related,' events, in their field, people can attend out of interest in the field).

--Protests, events, helping out, volunteering, etc.. etc..

-Also having a common a friend introduce you to some one
--That's kind of the power of just knowing people.
---maybe you go to 3 regular social engagements for 1 year and you don't meet any dates; however, 1 year later, a new friend you made, helps you into a circumstance where you do meet some one, some one you never would have found on your own.

-I'd also add the old adage, "location! location! location!"
--You won't meet a lot of people in a town with a population of 2,000
--It's less likely you'll find brooding intellectuals down at the local pub, than at the University, or library.
--Maybe you live in a city of industry, but your more suited to the University Town mindset.

-Another adage, "It's all in the timing."
--Some times, when it rains, it pours. But that's out of our control.
---Some times brooding intellectuals, do have their night at the local pub. No way to know know that though, if you don't know them.

-And another factor is, "who are you?"
--Would you marry you?
--What's your predominant mental climate like at the moment?
---What kind of effect does that have in general, on your social engagements, if any?

I don't think I've had much luck, if any luck, however, when my primary motivator was to get a date. That's just my experience.

I haven't had luck with dating apps. I avoid them for a variety of reasons.

From my position, paradoxically, the biggest obstacle and our greatest asset to finding a partner (and having success in maintaining life-long partnership), will be our self.
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There is an app called Boo which claims to be for introverts. There is probably a dating site for everything.
Hi Callie ,

I'm actually on that app as well as Ur My Type which is similar. As much as my personal experience on all of these dating apps has been somewhat 'lacking' at best, I can say that out of all of them, Boo and Bumble are arguably the better options. I'm currently talking to someone on Boo since the end of last week and it seems to be going well so far. Then again, I've talked to a few women in-depth over the last couple of months and everyone of them either stopped replying or just unmatched.

s' the way it goes out here in these cold dating streets....
Dating comes with too many risks. just think about how a bitter female could ruin your life with a little white lie. Best to just give up.
Like so many awesome things to experience in life, they have risks. It’s comes with the territory. You almost can’t have one without the other. If you only focus on the negative possibilities of an activity, you’ll a) never do it and b) never experience wonderful outcomes.

Only idi0ts are in relationSH1T.
Now that is just utter trash talk and I won’t have it.
Well, average German doesn't care about relationSH1T at all, but they do care about owning private island. :D
Be like average German. <3

Well, average German doesn't care about relationSH1T at all, but they do care about owning private island. :D
Be like average German. <3

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there are less private islands available than there are available women. the average German is living in a fantasy world with unrealistic expectations (except for the ones in porn films)

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