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No, but my answer would have been different a few years ago. I've actually known people who have had a lot of success by traveling to Mexico to have surgery or treatments and it's a fraction of the price it is here. But since I'm old, I can rely on Medicare and I've never had it this cushy. I've never been out of the country and I don't really have any desire to go.

Would you ever pick out specific news stories and follow them until the very end? My two new mysteries are in Idaho and Colorado.
Ha! ha! No. I've never done that with news stories. I do that with hobbies or other things I have questions about though.

Would you go to the club house and play cards all the time if it was available to you?
If someone invited me and I couldn't think of anything better to do and I didn't have to stay at a hotel and it was a private beach, maybe

Would you live in a town that had been mostly deserted?
I'm going to say no for this one, as there surely would have to be a reason why nobody wants to live there.

Would you keep a wild cat as a pet if it was legal?
No unless it had been raised as a pet but even then I would think it would be better to try to reintroduce it to its natural habitat somehow.

Would you work at an alpaca farm?
Doubt it, they charge you for honeysuckle like that and with most things you can figure out by trial and error

Would you put an almost empty gallon of paint in your trash can for the garbage truck to pick up?
Ive never thought of repairing a hose so I would probably just buy a new one.

If you told someone about a death in the family and they asked for specifics would you be offeded?
No. I'm a factual type person. I don't link facts with emotions.

Would you go to the movies on a first date?
Right. This girl told me her nephew died and when I asked her questions she got really offended and said I was bizarre and extremely insensitive. I was just curious though.

No movie on first date

Would you continue a dats if the person was annoying you really badly?
I've remodelled/repaired and sold about 100+ cars. I nearly always rode along with them. But, I wouldn't do it if there were several questionable looking guys.

If you had to sell something on Craigslist would you meet the person at your house?

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