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For all the lonely older women
No offense, but my partner doesn't ignore me, we just don't share many interests anymore, nor are we unfaithful. Also, I'm a nerd, and I relate to nerds, not athletes. It's a mindset.
A younger guy who wants to save older women from our loneliness? No thanks.
It's not about sex. Actually with me it has nothing to do with sex at all.
(09-16-2020, 10:23 PM)Forgottendanfan Wrote: This post comes off as being somewhat seedy.

That is my impression and possibly quite harmful.

The OP may have his heart in the right place but this just sounds like asking for trouble.
Hey you guys, don't be harshing his buzz. He's just hitting this forum as if it was a dating site. Doesn't everybody show pics with their shirts off now? Then follow them up with unprompted nude ones. Isn't that what all the hot old lonely women want? Ha! Ha!

[Image: shirtless-guys-2.jpg]
[Image: ?]
This post screams "scam". Likely some guy fishing for desperate, lonely women to pay him money or something.

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