Does the thought of nobody showing up at your funeral bother you?

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It does not bother me.
What WOULD bother me is the thought of my evil reptilian sister and her useless spoiled kids getting their grubby hands on whatever is left of my money. So I made an ironclad will that leaves it to charity, and I made my accountant my executor.

Some of my friends have told me to put a clause in the will to hire 20 escorts when I die and have them show up at the wake and cry.
As fun as that sounds (and it DOES sound fun), I am just not into ostentatious displays like that.
I want to be buried in secret and as quick as possible in an unmarked grave ... I consider it superior to cremation because is ecological and fossils tremendously helped science
My family can play 'Another one bites the dust' and have a stand up comedian telling jokes about me at my funeral for all I care. I'm gone. I won't exactly be in a position to complain about it.
It's for the people you touched throughout your life, the friendships and relationships you created, for your family, both born and chosen. There's no counter, but the number of people who show up is a good indication of how many people cared. How bright you made the world, and an affirmation of how much darker it is now that you're gone. Even if it's just one person sobbing over the casket and the priest (if you so desire), you still made one person's life better by being in it.

Stalin must have helped to make the world a much brighter place then, considering the amount of people who showed up at his funeral procession.
The idea of my funeral at all bothers me.

I've barely begun to live, there is so much left that I want to do. I just hope I'm capable of doing it.
And I want my loved ones and friends to be there, to share it with. There are some that I was very close to that didn't get to see me make something of myself, which is something I deeply regret.

I'm now 37 already, as of this post. I guess you could say I had my midlife crisis early.
I only hope there is still time to right the ship.
No, I don't mind it. I know for a fact no one will be..except my sister and dad..and maybe husband and son. Honestly, that's alright with me.

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