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He Ran All The Way 1951 (link to film) American FILM NOlR crime drama directed by John Berry, starring John Garfield and Shelley Winters. Though John Garfield denied any communist party affiliation, he found himself blacklisted by major studio bosses. Perhaps the stress associated with pressure from the House Un-American Activities Committee contributed to the death of the long-term liberal, who died from heart complications May 21st, 1952 at the sadly premature age of 39. He Ran All The Way proved to be his last film.

heranalltheway1951.jpg MV5BMTIzOTQ2MTY3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwOTYxMDI2._V1_.jpg
Town Without Pity 1961 (link to film) Four American soldiers stationed near a German village face the death penalty because of the brutal gang rape of a local German girl. Kirk Douglas plays Major Steve Garrett, who is tasked with defending the four in this riveting court room drama. Town Without Pity (German: Stadt ohne Mitleid) is a 1961 American/Swiss/West German international co-production drama film directed by Gottfried Reinhardt. Produced by The Mirisch Corporation, the film stars Kirk Douglas, Barbara Rütting, Christine Kaufmann, and E.G. Marshall. The film was based on the 1960 novel Das Urteil (The Verdict) by German writer Gregor Dorfmeister, who wrote under the pen name Manfred Gregor. At Kirk Douglas' suggestion, the film was rewritten without credit by Dalton Trumbo.

townwithoutpity1961.jpg heranalltheway1951.jpg

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I don't mind Depp. This 2018 film is also known as The Professor. A few good looking actresses in this film. Story - After learning he has six months to live, a college lecturer transforms into a rebellious party animal. To the shock of his wife and school chancellor -- and to the delight of his students -- he leads a crusade against authority and hypocrisy.

richard says goodbye 2018.jpg
Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Since film, horror, and audio are all things I enjoy and part of how I help myself fall asleep at night these days, I wanted something that would utilize auditory effects in terms of horror. Perhaps it's because I'm missing my old days of writing psychedelic drone while tripping, but there is definitely a certain set of sonic frequencies that under the right conditions can be absolutely next-level otherworldly terrifying to the human mind. Which is how and why I used to write psychedelic drone. I knew I hit the nail on the head when the music that I wrote would scare even me as the writer.

Regrettably, this film does not capture that. It DOES however, capture a bit of the ambience of it. A dash of some dark comedy, the story is set in a more retro setting and based on older days of analog recordings and filmmaking. It's a story of a man who flies out to Italy from the UK to work on the sound effects department of a horror film, a genre which he's not normally accustomed to, and how doing so is a rather cerebral experience for him.

It's actually really interesting for anyone curious about how sound effects and whatnot used to be made in the older days for retro horror material. With the sounds of a head of lettuce being sloshed around under water, and the bubbling of blowing through a straw to create bubbles being examples shown to simulate the sound effects of a drowning scene being shown to give the history to some of it. Along with auditory recordings of various stabbings and choppings of other food products for their respective scenes in the film that they are making, in the Berberian Sound Studio.

Eventually in history and at some point an actual sort of music box or a sound effects box was created which gave way to many classic horror movie sound effects. And while I can't remember the name of it off of the top of my head, if you're into horror at all or audio/video production or both, this is a fun little watch. However I will admit that the film is very niche in this respect, in that while it's neither particularly scary nor is it all that obscure, perhaps it will fall flat on the average horror buff if they don't understand the actual a/v production history. I will however, give the film credit, in that it does a great job at recapturing old retro Italian horror styles of cinematography and camera work. THAT was a nice little surprise. I didn't really realize what I was getting into with that until about a quarter of the way through the film when I began to realize that the art style it's shot in, is intentionally reminiscent of a throwback to things like Suspiria. Aaaannddddd now I'm probably gonna go listen to Goblin's Roller album again and rewatch Suspiria later. lol.
Lonely are the Brave 1962 (link to film) A fiercely independent cowboy gets himself locked up in prison to escape with an old friend. Lonely Are the Brave is an American Western film adaptation of the Edward Abbey novel The Brave Cowboy. The film was directed by David Miller from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. It stars Kirk Douglas as cowboy Jack Burns, Gena Rowlands as his best friend's wife and Walter Matthau as a sheriff who sympathizes with Burns but must do his job and chase him down. Bill Bixby's first role in in this film, as the chopper pilot. It also featured an early score by composer Jerry Goldsmith. Douglas felt that this was his favorite film. The scene where Douglas is taking his horse Whisky up the loose rock hill amazes me. Looked dangerous when the horse was falling back at one stage. Apparently Kirk had his nose broken by the horse during this scene.

lonely are the brave 1962.jpg screenshot-www.google.com-2023.09.17-19_39_11.jpg

Step Down To Terror 1958 (link to film - loaded a bit slow for me for some reason) Story - Trying to outwit police, a psychopathic killer (Charles Drake) returns to his mother's home after a long absence to play the role of loving son. Colleen Miller is 90 now and the young boy Ricky Kelman is 73.

step down to terror 1958.jpg MV5BNTFlNDc1MGItNjZmMi00NDhkLWI2OGItZWZlMjc0MzcxMjBiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzk5MDQ0NA@@._V1_.jpg
share to use the last movie that you saw... and discusse it.. will you recommend it to everyone or not?.

i went to the movies last weekend. i watched juno.. i really recommend it to everyone. its about teen that became pregnant. she decided of instead of having abortion. she made a pre-adoption agreement for the baby. i love it. it is a heart breaking story..

if i were to give star.. i whould have given it 4 stars.. since we don't have stars.. ill give 4 smiles :) :) :) :)
I saw the film Juno several years ago. Read that the female lead is now transgender, as she is now a he.
Champion (link to film) a 1949 American drama FILM NOlR sport film directed by Mark Robson with a screenplay written by Carl Foreman based on a short story by Ring Lardner, and starring Kirk Douglas, Marilyn Maxwell and Arthur Kennedy. Cinematography by Franz Planer. The supporting cast features Paul Stewart, Ruth Roman and Lola Albright. The film won an Academy Award for Best Film Editing and gained five other nominations as well, including a Best Actor for Douglas.

champion 1947.jpg MV5BYTMzYjcxMzctYzcxMy00NjZiLWJmNWQtNGFlMGUzMDZhMWU5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjk3NTUyOTc@._V1_.jpg 46MAxP5qjUWCZQyNgshqOSpoxWn.jpg
The Van (link to film) 1997. In order to attract girls with his new truck, a young man from California equips the vehicle with various things. Really terrible cringey acting and story-line. Danny DeVito is 36 in this film, though just a sub player. Some nice vans though.

the van 1977.jpg MV5BYzJlZGU5NGMtNDMwZS00N2YxLWI3MDItNTZhZGRmOGZmOGRjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDQzMTIzMA@@._V1_.jpg
Greenland (2020)
I love this review. It’s exactly what I would’ve expected lol

Greenland should have and could have been much better. The fact so many people rated this film so highly shows I am an outlier in appreciation of this genre. I want dark , grim and gritty with a lot of dark horror and terror; something you would expect to experience in a mass extinction-end of the world as we know it scenario. However clearly a lot of people want a cliche-driven,popcorn- fuelled- sentimental white-washed ,happy- shopper disaster with a wealthy white family to root for and Greenland delivers this in spades ! This is a very formulaic disaster film which I really watched because I was in bed with the flu and had a fit of nostalgia for the days when I had been forced to watch countless such films with my children for far too many years .My 2 sons developed a early passion for "Disaster films" that lasted from about age 10 to about 16 . At around 16 they suddenly they realized that in essence they had really been watching the same film over and over again with a slight twist and variation of annoying characters and the family you are supposed to love and want to survive . The annoying thing for us was we were the type of family who really wanted everyone to die including the "good guys" (and although it would have been a nice change to see the people you really disliked make it to the end ,this rarely ever happens). There are no surprises of ANY kind in Greenland .The family is typical (white,entitled and privileged) and the story is "same old-same old" .The ending is ridiculous and happy survivors exhibiting no signs of trauma at enduring a mass extinction event bigger than the one that wiped out the Dinosaurs , joyfully observe the flight of miraculously surviving birds despite the fact the landscape is devoid of all food and habitat (an all too obvious metaphor for hope and new life ).In fact the only cliche missing from Greenland is "the brave and loyal dog".....which leads me to the brilliant short disaster series "8 days" about an impending extinction event due to an immense asteroid . This series does an "end of days" scenario justice. It is bold, brilliant , horrifying and realistic .It is also full of intensely unlikable characters and a small spattering of people to love ; all of whom suffer and we never actually find out if anyone survives. It is dark, occasionally hilarious, terrifying ,thrilling , tragic and moving and most of all believable ;in short everything Greenland is not......If a classic, formulaic , cheesy, cliche-driven and oh so predictable disaster drama is your thing then Greenland is for you and If you have children like mine I guess it fits the bill ,but I want something better (even when I am in bed with the flu).”
After revising all of the Alien movies, I watched all the predator movies, finishing with Prey (2022), which actually wasn't too bad. A little predictable, but not a bad story, acting was fine and the cinematography very nice.

prey.jpg intro-1661707721.jpg
Shark Side Of The Moon (2022)

It's as bad as it sounds. 😂
I went to a friends house to help him build a bookshelf.
Said friend likes Budget Horror Comedy, which is very much a niche subgenre, but I mean, in this particular instance, I'm okay with it.
There are SO MANY things wrong with the movie.
Down to the point that they even used the same animation over 3 times at one point. And there's a slew of plot twists that just don't make any logical sense whatsoever, like a guy dying, and then coming back later, and dying immediately after again, with absolutely no explanation as to how he survived his supposed death earlier. 😂
The basic plot is that Russians were secretly experimenting with making shark/human hybrids at a military base, when all of the sudden they broke out of their containment. A few of the scientists hop on a shuttle and fly to the Moon but some of the hybrids end up as stowaways on the hull trying to break in to the cockpit to kill the pilots, one of which sacrifices himself to save the other.
The hybrids are, literally just anthropomorphic in that it's the body of a human with the head of a shark and some slight adjustments to the human body like thinned out arms, some gills around the collar bone and on the shark's heads, and of course the infamous fin on the back. Americans head up there a decade and a half later, an accident happens, they crash land on the Moon, and eventually run into the Russian scientist who's been stuck up there the whole time, with like 99 ridiculous questions with equally ridiculous answers to them as to how he survived for that long. That's the gist of it.

Apparently the shark hybrids also able to swim under ground on the Moon :oops:😂which again is just nonsense.
And the sharks, over the course of the last decade and a half, who breed asexually as per the Russian experiment, have multiplied several times over and have build a civilization for themselves on the Moon. 👀:oops: With absolutely no logical explanation as to where they got all of the metal from to be able to do so, and for some reason there's still an active volcano on the Moon, of which is no more explained by the heavily-implied although-seemingly-nonexistent-in-this-film lack of atmosphere on the Moon. Yes, you see, on the Shark Side Of The Moon, volcanos and lava behave EXACTLY as they would here on Earth. :unsure:
At one point the lead woman of the movie (who really lets her ditz shine through) says in a scramble: "Where's everyone else?" And my immediate thought was: "They're probably somewhere else after passing up on an opportunity to be in a movie called Shark Side Of The Moon. 👀"
I mean seriously, wtf. Don't watch this, unless you need to somehow kill an hour and a half and want mindlessly stupid entertainment. 😂

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